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Horses and ponies across the country have come to love NickerDoodles, the soft gourmet treats baked fresh in the Carolinas and shipped in three convenient size pails to your favorite tack shop, feed store or mobile trailer. If you think your horse is happy NOW, just wait till he tries NickerDoodles!

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Nicker Notes and News

CFHJA Nov Show 2016 Zone 4 HOTY Finals
Sir Dragon, the winner of the $500 Pony Hunter Classic can sense that he's about to get NickerDoodles horse treats from rider Emma Hechtman for his good showing!

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NickerDoodles - jump for joy!
The winner and all riders in the ribbons of the $500 Pony Hunter Classic at CFHJA Nov 2016 USHJA Zone 4 HOTY Finals received a 2lb. pail of horse treats, compliments of NickerDoodles. Not only did the ponies jump well - so did their riders with a fun jumping for joy!

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Bon Appetite!
Thank you for our package of treats! Love Dude and Candy
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We love hearing such nice words....
Just wanted to compliment you and tell you how much my 50 yr old pony Candy and 33 year old Quarter horse Dude love your product. With their age as you know they require soft things to chew these are a perfect afternoon treat they look forward too and are not a choking hazard. Thank you again for a...
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NCHJA Horse Show & NickerDoodles
We love to share news that we hear about NickerDoodles. Thanks for the note from NCHJA!

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NickerDoodles to lots of hooves!
We surely appreciated getting this nice note from Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland, Inc. Seems that the delivery of NickerDoodles treats were a big hit with the horses and donkeys there!

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CFHJA had NickerDoodles as a gift choice at the May 2016 show and there was a big smile on this winning rider.

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Another NickerDoodles Fan!
Rosemary Watson shared with us that "It’s not just horses that love Nickerdoodles – this is a photo of one of the kittens at our barn stealing a bite from one. In case you’re wondering its definitely not a black panther – though the angle does make it look a bit like one!" Thanks Rosemary, we love...
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We need more!
He just can't believe the NickerDoodles pail is empty!

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NickerDoodles at the 70th Pennsylvania National Horse Show
Did you know that complimentary freshly baked NickerDoodles gourmet treats are at the main in-gate at the 70th Pennsylvania National Horse Show that started Thursday Oct 8th? Those showing horses and ponies will be able to be rewarded for a job well done and quickly discover how it feels to be truly appreciated! If you’re going to be at the Harrisburg show, buy your pail of NickerDoodles at The Boot & Bridle Tack Shop, booth #24 on the upper concourse. Good Luck Riders!

Fancy is a fan of NickerDoodles!
My Arabian mare Fancy unlocked & opened her stall door last night and trashed my barn in doing so ATE the 2lb. tub of NickerDoodles.

She loves them along with my other 3 horses. Guess after I clean the barn and gather up all the hay she took out of the hay stall, I will have to change the lock so she can't unlock it. She didn't let anyone else out to share in the fun.

Now, I have to go buy another tub. So the others can have some tonight.

Your product is a trouble maker in the barn. LOL

Love the product
Thanks Cindy

Blowing Rock in July
At the Blowing Rock July Hunter/Jumper Horse Shows the Pony Classic top 8 riders will be getting a 2 pound pail of NickerDoodles All Natural Horse Treats!‬

Winner of NickerDoodles All Natural Treats
Congratulations to The Carolinas Equestrian June e-newsletter winner - Ashley Reynolds of Spratt Stables in Fort Mill, SC.

As a special prize, Ashley and her hunter, Maya, are receiving some yummy NickerDoodles treats! We're proud to have been the sponsor of The Carolinas Equestrian June e-newsletter.

Happy Ponies!
NickerDoodles Treats were donated as prizes for both the Leadline and the Pony Derby at the end of June NCHJA ANNUAL SHOW. Those were happy ponies!

NickerDoodles is a June E-newsletter Sponsor
Did you know that NickerDoodles is the The Carolinas Equestrian June E-newsletter Sponsor?

See The Carolinas Equestrian at for your chance to win some yummy, chewy, all natural gourmet horse treats!

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Oh that's good!
Yes, we did love getting this note and photo from Mary Ellen Dunleavy! Thanks for sharing your NickerDoodles story with us.

'I gave NickerDoodles to Katherine to share with her friends who have horses. Katherine said the girls said their horses loved NickerDoodles. I thought you would love the picture."

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Thanks for the kind words!
Hi Virginia,

Love your treats and did a little write up on my blog about them. I found them at Equus Now! and my horses just LOVE THEM!
Thank you for an awesome product!!

Best wishes!

Tracy McPherson
Waverly, WV

Gave us a smile!
Whenever you need a quick smile, just take a look at Luna and Beauty who are very interested in the new pail of NickerDoodles Horse Treats!

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Happy Customers!
We love seeing horses enjoying our NickerDoodles Horse Treats -- and we love getting photos of them in their antics! We're so glad to be able to share this note and photo that we received::

Hi Virginia,
You have a photo of my daughters horse Luna sporting the NickerDoodles bow, so I thought you might also like these two:
Luna and her best friend Beauty attempting to help them selves to their favorite treats. Usually I don’t get lucky with having my camera ready for moments like this.
(Of course, we only tortured them for a few minutes. They both got to eat 2 right after).

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In NickerDoodles Fashion!
Luna is seen around her farm sporting the NickerDoodles bow on her halter and always enjoying her NickerDoodles treats.

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Cherished memories with NickerDoodles
My beautiful 22 yr old Paint mare, Bo, was a NickerDoodle Junkie until the very end of her life on June 4, 2013. Due to very severe arthritis, I had to make the very hard decision to let her go. Her last few weeks, she was able to feast on 8.5 lbs of NickerDoodles. On her last morning, she got to stick her head in a 4.5 lb container and eat and eat and eat. I never thought I would see the day, but she actually got full of NickerDoodles after only half a container! She left the rest of the container for her barn buddies who are happily becoming NickerDoodle junkies.

I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. My horse LOOOOOOOVVVVVVED them and she went happily munching on her favoriate treats. I miss her terribly already, but this is one of the memories I have that will always make me smile.

Thank you.

Andrea Munger

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NickerDoodles - always a winner!
Whether you buy your NickerDoodles or win them, your equine friend will love these treats!

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NickerDoodles - a great 'pill pocket' too
My name is Aimee S. Beckham DVM. I use your treats as treats (of course) but more importantly I use them to hide medication. I'm a veterinarian that has "rescued" and taken in many equine geriatrics over the years, I currently have 8, 5 of which are between the ages of 26yrs and 33yrs old. 4 of my oldsters are on daily medication in the form of pills and your treats are perfect to wrap around the pill and hand feed, not only am I assured that they are getting their medicine but they think they're just getting something special. So, as you can see, I go through a lot of cookies! I do encourage my clients to use the treats as 'pill pockets’.

Thank You,
Aimee S Beckham DVM

AETA International Trade Show
NickerDoodles will have a booth at the AETA International Trade Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA this Saturday Jan. 26th -Monday Jan. 28th. If you are attending the Expo, please stop by booth 1100 to say hello. I look forward to seeing you there - and shaking hands with those of you that I haven't met!

Look for the NickerDoodles golf cart at the booth!

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Happy New Year from NickerDoodles
Start out your horses and ponies new year with some fresh all natural NickerDoodles Treats! Ask for them at your favorite tack shop, feed mill or mobile tack trailer!

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NickerDoodles - the new holiday container!
They're coming...NickerDoodles in a holiday container just the perfect size for your horse or pony's stocking stuffer -- and these will also be a great gift to give to all your riding friends for their steeds!

Ask for the new NickerDoodles holiday container at your favorite tack shop, feed mill, or mobile trailer.

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Jumping over NickerDoodles!
There were 30 entries in the Sedgefield Derby on Sat Sept 22nd sponsored by NickerDoodles. The Derby even had a NickerDoodles jump in it -- just the perfect reminder while on course that NickerDoodles will be a tasty treat back at the barn afterward ! Our congratulations to the winning Derby pair Theresa Tolar and her pony Kinda Funny.

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Non-profit Rescue & NickerDoodles
"We have always solicited donations and product but rarely do I ask for a specific treat. Mindy actually "nickers" for nicker doodles haha of course it's followed by a cute head bob, so how could I not reach out and ask. She is a sweet grateful little pony, we so appreciate your generosity!"

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NickerDoodles at Charleston
The Twentieth Anniversary of the Charleston Classic-That's a Wrap! For Immediate Release: July 22, 2012 The twentieth anniversary of the Charleston Classic closed yesterday with a bang with the $25,000 NickerDoodles Pony Hunter Derby. This was the second installment of the largest pony hunter...
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Charleston Show - $25,000 NickerDoodles Pony Hunter Derby
The $25,000 NickerDoodle Pony Hunter Derby / Classic was an exciting class. Allen Rheinheimer designed a wonderful course with two snake jumps. Wonder ful design and a challenge to the young riders.

The winner of the class was Champlain Soverign, shown by Paige Parker. Paige won an Essex Shirt, a certificate for Adequan, a cooler and a bucket of Nickerdoodles along with her $7,500 check.
2. Center Ice, Bergen Sanderford
3. Daisy Due Blue, Grace Grissett
4. Splash Attack, Taylor Combs
5. Keep Dreamin, Bergen Sanderford
6. Jakuse DEpona, Anna Reising
7. Playwright, Lily Bennett
8. Tantallon Co Captain, Cecila d'Amore
9. Eyes Up, Sarah Hanks
10. King Midas, Isabel Coleman
11. Burberry, Paige WIllams
12. Woodland Pick Pocket, Lindey Ayers

Horses and ponies at MD Horse Show...
We're sure that there were at least 300 happy horses and ponies at a recent Maryland Horse Show as pails of NickerDoodles All Natural Horse Treats were given out as prizes!

But whether you are in the irons at a show or not, your horse or pony will always feel like a winner whenever they get a NickerDoodles treat from you. Just ask for NickerDoodles at your favorite feed store, tack shop or mobile trailer.

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NickerDoodles Sponsoring $25,000 Hunter Pony Derby Classics
Virginia Milam was pleased to be sponsoring The Classic Company's inaugural NickerDoodles $25,000 Hunter Pony Derby Classic at the Atlanta Summer II that wrapped up on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA.

"It was really magnificent," said Bob Bell, President of the Classic Company. "The trainers really liked it. It was a great opportunity to showcase their pony hunter talent."

The Classic Company had an overwhelming popular response to this inaugural $25,000 Pony Hunter Derby.
Of the thirty seven entries, it was Keep Dreamin', owned by Katie Dinan, LLC and ridden by Ashton Alexander who took the first place honors. Brad Spragg, Keep Dreamin's trainer and owner of the Atlanta Hunt Club in Smyrna, Georgia said, "She really did a great job. The pony is just wonderful. What a great class this is to showcase the up and coming talent in our industry."

There were some very happy ponies enjoying their special treats back at the barns afterwards as all top 12 ribbon holder riders were each also presented with a pail of NickerDoodles!

More 'Nicker Notes News' to come. Next up is Charleston during the Summer Classics with the $25,000 Hunter Pony Derby Classic during week two, July 17-21. We hope to see you there!

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Alley Milam's pony is surely getting NickerDoodles!
Alley in the irons was Champion in the Large Ponies at Tryon A Show this past week-end. Her pony knew that NickerDoodles would be waiting as a special treat afterwards!

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The NickerDoodles Tradition Continues Uninterrupted
Exciting news for NickerDoodles fans and their equine consumers alike: the company has recently been sold, with Lisa Otto, owner and creator of these popular gourmet horse treats, relinquishing the reins to Virginia Milam, proprietor of Khaki Run Horse Farm in Summerfield, NC.

Virginia had been considering a new challenge and approached Lisa about buying her company, an undertaking which would be perfectly in keeping with her passion for horses, and which would allow her to work from her farm. A seamless transition ensued, with product availability continuing unabated, ensuring the happiness of horse fanciers everywhere whose horses and ponies have come to love the freshly baked soft gourmet treats.

Virginia and her husband, Paul, operate the Khaki Run Horse Farm where they pursue their passion for horses through breeding, training and sales of quality mounts. Virginia anticipates this new endeavor will engender more quality family time, with one daughter’s active involvement in the show circuit allowing them to maintain a strong connection to the equestrian community, frequenting horse shows alongside their product purchasers and happy equine customers, while still producing NickerDoodles right from Khaki Run with the assistance of Barn Manager Billy Bullis.

NickerDoodles, a handcrafted easily digestible treat made from oats, wheat bran, barley, corn and molasses, will continue to be produced right in the Carolinas, and is available in three convenient sizes of resealable plastic pails.

Winner of the NickerDoodles Hunter Derby
Our congratulations to Arden Cone in the irons on Caladora, the winning pair of the NickerDoodles Hunter Derby on Saturday, March 17th, 2012, at the BRHJA Spring Premier Horse Show held at Harmon Field. Besting a field of 34 entries with 12 returning for the Handy Round that included a challenging bounce option over straw bales, a hand gallop to a jump and also a trot fence, they emerged with the blue. The next NickerDoodles Hunter Derby will be held at Harmon Classics Summer Challenge in June 2012.

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Duke Principe, Local Horse Awarded National Championship
Lisa Otto, owner of NickerDoodles, is also the proud owner of 5-year-old Duke Principe who claimed the American Hanoverian Society's™ champion in the 3'3" Pregreen Division.

'Duke' was bred, raised and trained in the Tryon area winning many coveted honors along the way to this championship with trainer Holli Adams of Still Creek Farm in Columbus, N.C. in the irons. Lisa Otto and the breeder Maryanna Haymon of Marydell Farms in Tryon who owns the stallion Don Principe, attended the Jan 2012 awards banquet in Palm Beach, FL.

"Holli Adams has exclusively ridden and shown Duke dedicating not only her professional talent, but also her time bringing along this amazing young horse for us. Her core values and belief in flatwork, the horse's fitness, conditioning, and the consistency in his training program provided the perfect backdrop for his qualifying as the 2011 3'3" Pregreen Division Champion" said Lisa Otto. Otto and Adams are looking forward to seeing what the future will hold for him next in the show ring.

Duke surely credits much of his achievement to getting plenty of NickerDoodles!

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1st Annual Tryon Summer Premiere $2500 Hunter Derby
Duke Principe, owned by Lisa Otto founder of NickerDoodles, snagged the win with trainer Holli Adams on board in the 1st annual $2,500 Tryon Summer Premiere Hunter Derby. You can be sure there were Nickerdoodles waiting for Duke after his winning go!

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NickerDoodles Hunter Derby - 2nd Annual $1500
It was a great day at the Tryon Riding & Hunt Club's Horse Show in Tryon, especially for Still Creek Farm with Duke Principe ridden by trainer Holli Adams and owned by Lisa Otto of NickerDoodles took 3rd, Sara Ketcham rode Ballyhoo for 4th and Mary Barben aboard Boudreaux grabbed 5th place. All of these horses and riders are trained by Holli of Still Creek Farm.

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NickerDoodles Hunter Derby - 2nd Annual $1500 continued.....
Mary Barben aboard Boudreaux grabbed 5th place

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NickerDoodles Hunter Derby - 2nd Annual $1500 continued.....
Sara Ketcham rode Ballyhoo for 4th....

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Testimonials from her own horses!
Lisa Otto, owner of NickerDoodles, enjoys a heart-warming moment with her own horses enjoying a just baked batch of NickerDoodles All Natural Horse Treats!

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NickerDoodles sponsoring a 2'6" & 3' Hunter Derby at upcoming Tryon Summer Premiere
You don't want to miss this one as the May 2011 Tryon Summer Premiere at Harmon Field in Tryon, NC is being thoughtfully designed to create memorable horse show moments for Trainers and Exhibitors alike. A-rated and also price-friendly, the May 26th - 29th show is slated to have a full line-up of special events including a Puissance on Friday night May 27th sponsored by Tryon Equine, a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning, a 2'6" and 3' Hunter Derby on Saturday evening May 28th sponsored by NickerDoodles All Natural Horse Treats, and more to be unveiled as show time gets closer.

"In addition to the enthusiasm from riders and trainers for this upcoming show, we are also very pleased with the response from local and regional businesses in regards to sponsorships for the event" said Lisa Otto, chairperson of the Show Committee. "Sponsorships not only promote those companies and services, but also help us to defray individual exhibitor costs and gives the Show Committee the means to create a high caliber equestrian experience. We are thrilled to be generating a show venue that the entire community is looking forward to."

Laura Weicker, Executive Director of The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club notes that the May show encourages all local riders to participate as there will be several Opportunity Classes offered which allow riders to participate in a USEF rated horse show without being a member or having their horse recorded. "All of us with The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club cordially invite the general public to come out and enjoy the events, the hospitality, the horses and the historic Harmon Field during the four days of showing."

To reserve stall space or to request a prize list, visit or call 828.859.6109. For more information on Tryon Summer Premiere sponsorships, contact Lisa Otto at or call 518-312-1690.

The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club is a non-profit (501c3) organization. Celebrating 85 years of supporting and preserving the equestrian tradition in Polk County and Upstate South Carolina region. With funds raised from successful events, including the Block House Steeplechase, nationally accredited Horse Shows, Horse Trials and the Any & All Dog Show, Tryon Riding & Hunt Club has contributed over a half million dollars to the community in the last five years.

Merry Christmas from all of us at NickerDoodles!
Co Star already has a good idea that he will be finding NickerDoodles in his stocking Christmas morning!

A very Merry Christmas from all of us to you and yours.

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The Farm House is the NickerDoodles Retailer of the Year!
'Buckets' of thanks go out to Farm House Tack as they are the 2010 NICKERDOODLES RETAILER OF THE YEAR! The Farm House has sold the highest volume of NickerDoodles all natural horse treats over any other retailer in the country this year. We appreciate having such a wonderful retail partner and send our sincere thanks to the entire Farm House Tack Team!

Visit The Farm House at 22341 Asheville Highway in, Landrum, SC 29356; 864.457.3557;

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Harmon Classics -- NickerDoodles were part of the prize package
NickerDoodles All Natural Horse Treats were part of the prize package at the Harmon Classics Horse Show. Gorgeous ribbons for the rider's display and great treats for the horses and ponies!

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TR&HC Horse Trials
NickerDoodles was proud to be a gift for winners at the Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Horse Trials. The competitors seemed happy -- bet the horses were too! The picture is of Jennifer Holder, winner of one of the training divisions. Congrats Jennifer!

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He is a big fan of NickerDoodles!
Lisa Otto, equestrian and owner of NickerDoodles all natural horse treats, smiles at her trainer Holli Adams who is in the irons on Lisa's prospect horse Duke Principe who was 2nd in the Harmon Classics Show, a non-rated Hunter Derby class. Duke is smiling too knowing that he has NickerDoodles waiting for him!

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NickerDoodles, one of the sponsors at 'A Day in the Country'
Horses and riders were both happy to see NickerDoodles all natural horse treats in their goody bag at the Tryon Hunt & Riding Club 'A Day in the Country' event. Event had beautiful fall weather on October 3, 2010 and a day of good times and good rides including the always fun bareback riding keeping your dollar class!

Winner of the Friday, July 9th TR&HC NickerDoodles Sponsored Hunter Derby Classic
Winner of the Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Hunter Derby sponsored by NickerDoodles All Natural Horse Treats went to 'VLD Wait 'N See', owned by Dorothy Swinson and ridden by Jeanne Smith. Second place went to 'As Always' , owned by Jennifer Smith and ridden by Jennifer Hannan. In third place was 'Ballyhoo', owned by Still Creek Farm with Sara Ketcham in the irons. Congratulations to all from NickerDoodles!

Enlarge [+]

Lisa Otto, owner of NickerDoodles, with the winning pair VLD Wait 'N See, ridden by Jeanne Smith
Lisa Otto, the owner of NickerDoodles, was pleased to have been the sponsor of the two summer Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Hunter Derby Classics. Photo is Lisa with the winning pair of the July 9th event VLD Wait 'N See with Jeanne Smith in the irons. VLD Wait 'N See is owned by Dorothy Swinson.

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Winner of the TR&HC Hunter Derby sponsored by NickerDoodles, all natural horse treats
Our congratulations to the TR&HC Hunter Derby winner "Beckett", with Megan Young in the irons and owned by Allison Mills! The pair bested a field of 28 which was the largest class at the June horse show. The initial round by Young on Beckett was the classic round over jumps that more resembled fences typically found in hunt country such as coops, logs, and other natural obstacles. The Derby with its jumps ranging from 3 feet to 4 feet in height consisted of two rounds with each round counting 50% of the total score, but only the top 12 scoring entries by the judges returning for the second handy hunter round. Beckett and Young after the two rounds clenched the 1st place $300.00 win. Photo is courtesy of Flashpoint Photography.

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2nd place of the Hunter Derby goes to "Co Star"
Lisa Otto was thrilled for her NickerDoodles all natural horse treats to be the proud sponsor of the highly acclaimed Hunter Derby at the June Tryon Riding & Hunt Club horse show -- and was all smiles when her own horse "Co Star", ridden by Sara Ketcham finished 2nd in the event! Photo is courtesy of Flashpoint Photography.

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A cute fan of the NickerDoodles display at the Tryon Riding & Hunt Club June Horse Show!
NickerDoodles All Natural Horse Treats, the proud sponsor of the Hunter Derby at the June Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Horse Show, has a display on the show grounds..and an adorable fan!

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Congratulations from Nickerdoodles!
Congratulations to Claire Lee and Roller on winning the $25,000 Grand Prix at Camden! Claire Lee says he loves say "Nickerdoodle" and he responds!

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NickerDoodles Becomes Sponsor of Hunter Derby
NickerDoodles horse treats is proud to be the sponsor of the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club's Hunter Derby Division to be held at the upcoming June and July Horse Shows. The Hunter Derby format has become an exciting division in the hunter show sport world. Lisa Otto, an equine enthusiast and owner...
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Please contact Virginia W. Milam, 8646 West Market Street, Suite 109, Greensboro, NC 27409 · Tel: 336-339-9799 · Email Flollow NickerDoodles on Facebook!
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