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NickerDoodles Becomes Sponsor of Hunter Derby

NickerDoodles horse treats is proud to be the sponsor of the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club's Hunter Derby Division to be held at the upcoming June and July Horse Shows.

The Hunter Derby format has become an exciting division in the hunter show sport world. Lisa Otto, an equine enthusiast and owner of NickerDoodles horse treats, says that she is thrilled to be the sponsor for the highly acclaimed event.

Equestrians and their horses will first ride what is considered a classic round over approximately 10 jumps that will resemble fences typically found in hunt country such as coops, logs, and other natural obstacles. The Derby with its jumps ranging from 3 feet to 4 feet in height will consist of two rounds with each round counting 50% of the total score, but only the top 12 scoring entries by the judges will return for the second handy hunter round.

NickerDoodles horse treats were originally created for Otto's own horses so they would have a delectable and easy digestible treat. Made of oats, wheat bran, barley, corn and molasses, the soft muffin treats are baked fresh every week in her own kitchen. Friends started trying them for their horses and the horses clearly enjoyed the taste! Many of the region's select tack shops and feed stores are now carrying the NickerDoodles horse treats that are easily seen in the recognizable plastic tubs with convenient hand carry strap. There are 3 sizes of tubs currently retailing at $5.99, $10.99 and the larger tub at $19.99.

The horse treats are not only getting top rating by the horses, but also from local equestrian facilities that have been benefiting from the sale of the treats. Otto is personally pleased to be making contributions to regional horse related venues for the local horse show community. The NickerDoodles sponsorship will provide a total of $3,000 in prize money for the two summer Hunter Derby Divisions.

The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club is a non-profit (501c3) organization celebrating 85 years of supporting and preserving the equestrian tradition in Polk County and Upstate South Carolina region. With funds raised from successful events including horse shows, Tryon Riding & Hunt Club has contributed over a half million dollars to the community in the last five years. For more information on the June and July Horse Shows, call 800-438-3681 or visit their website at

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