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NickerDoodles at Charleston

The Twentieth Anniversary of the Charleston Classic-That's a Wrap!

For Immediate Release: July 22, 2012

The twentieth anniversary of the Charleston Classic closed yesterday with a bang with the $25,000 NickerDoodles Pony Hunter Derby. This was the second installment of the largest pony hunter purse in the country and the ponies were out in full force! Twenty five pony and rider combinations tackled the course designed by Allen Rheinheimer and Joe Carnicum which saw Paige Parker riding Champlain Sovereign, owned by The Hill Farm in the winner's circle with a combined score of 176 points. In second place was Bergen Sanderford riding Center Ice, owned by Maria Yzerman, with a total score of 162, and third place honors went to Grace Gresset riding her own Daisy Due Blue with a combined effort of 156 points.

Classic Company President Bob Bell and Classic Company's Robin Stoney presented the awards to Paige Parker and Champlain Sovereign, owned by The Hill Farm for their win in the $25,000 NickerDoodles Pony Hunter Derby.

"This is only the second time we have offered this class and we were very pleased with the turnout. It was a great way to celebrate our twentieth anniversary of the Classic Company," said Bob Bell, President of Classic Company.

John Mastriano, trainer at Tustin Farm of Hainesport, New Jersey trains Paige Parker, the celebrated junior rider who added the prestigious win of the $25,000 NickerDoodles Pony Hunter Derby to her resume. "Paige has been riding with us since she was 9 years old," said Mastriano. "She's heading off to Baylor in the fall, so it was great to see her ride so well her last year as a junior in Charleston," he added. "This is our fourth year at Mullet Hall," said Mastriano. "We go every year because our customers just love it and it's a nice vacation for the entire family. Some go to the beach, some golf, some fish, but there is always something to do for everyone and the breeze is so lovely at the show grounds, it was actually cooler there last week than it was in New Jersey!" he added.

When commenting on the $25,000 NickerDoodles Pony Hunter Derby, Mastriano said, "It was a great course. There were a lot of challenges and options for all the sizes which was nice. For instance, there were three jumps in a row with a small, medium and large size followed by a single oxer, which gave them all a level playing field because they could ride the oxer off their eye."

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