NickerDoodles Handmade Natural Horse Treats
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NickerDoodles - jump for joy!
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NickerDoodles Testimonials

"So after I was impressed with the pacakging, it was time to eat. They are nice and soft, and havve a fabulous taste! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to make their horse or pony happy!"
Buddy ( a real treat horse connoisseur)
The Pslid Horse
I was first introduced to NickerDoodles horse treats in 2010 by one of our long time sales reps, Amy Schade. I like the fact that they were made locally of quality ingredients and shipped fresh. since introducing them to our customers our sales have increased steadily. the horses love them!
Michele Karwoski
M&M Tack Shop, Raleigh, NC
Whenever I give these to my horse, he goes into the NickerDoodles zone! Everytime before I show, we (my horse and I) have our NickerDoodles time! My horse runs to me when I come to the pasture - where others may run away - mine know I have NickerDoodles! I am a 'treat connoisseur' and NickerDoodles are by far the best treat out there!
Lynn, Owner
The Horse & Rider, Inc.
I work at The Tack Shelter in Colts Neck, NJ. I had spoken to you in regards to the LOVE that my horse has for your product! There is quite a list of his likes, but his all time favorite are the NickerDoodles! I refer to them as his 'pony crack' since he will do ANYTHING to get one. I do daily stretches with him and when he knows that a NickerDoodles is the 'reward', he will practically turn himself inside out!

Thank you for having such a fantastic product.

Linda & Maxwell
The Tack Shop

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