NickerDoodles - Family Owned and Operated

The beloved NickerDoodles gourmet horse treats company is a family owned business under the stewardship of Charles and Laurie Day, the proprietors of Daydream Farm in Pittsboro, North Carolina. The NickerDoodles Bakery on the Day Farm is now a larger facility and the expanded bakery has more delectable treats baking daily and shipping fresh across the country. As Laurie Day commented, "we understand what horses adore, over 40 acres of our farm are dedicated to hay fields. Having our bakery team producing these specially crafted horse treats is a source of joy for all of us - and the horses and ponies that cherish them!"

NickerDoodles, renowned for its easily digestible soft treats, contains a blend of ingredients, including oats, wheat bran, barley, molasses product, and corn. Freshly baked in the Carolinas, these gourmet horse treats are conveniently packaged in three sizes of resealable plastic pails imprinted with the iconic NickerDoodles horse logo. Currently available at fine tack shops, mobile tack shops at horse shows, and feed stores across the country, NickerDoodles has gained acclaim for their ability to elicit very enthusiastic responses from horses and ponies. Horse owners, many of whom are already well-acquainted with NickerDoodles, agree that they have yet to meet a horse who did not love them from the first bite... and we think yours will too!

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