NickerDoodles - Testimonials

NickerDoodles are the best treats for positive reinforcement and bonding, but they are amazing pill pockets too! Unlike other treats that crumble, these are soft and pliable. I have put up to 18 Zyrtec in just one treat and they are completely undetectable by my horse. He loves NickerDoodles and he deserves only the best!

Kelly Ann M., 12/27/2023

These treats are THE BEST! I have used them for several years now and our Sonny absolutely has a fit when it is time for cookies! He has to have his 2 cookies a day or we are in trouble! Best ingredients, and they smell amazing!

FitNSassyFarmersWife, 6/25/2022

I love this product. My horse has two separate pills that he must take daily, once in the morning and once at night. He loves eating these treats and I know he is getting the medication he requires. It is very easy to put the pill into the singe treat.

Michele Rabinowitz, 5/10/2022

Nickerdoodles are always so fresh and my horses love them!

Terri Taffer, 1/17/2022

An irresistible treat! This bucket is the perfect size for sharing if you have multiples. Nicker Doodles are my girl's favorite treat. She will literally do anything for them! Thank you Nicker Doodles for hand making such a delicious treat!

Jenny, 12/16/2021

SUPER fresh (date shown on bottom) and packaged perfectly as always.

The Mane Monogram, 12/16/2021

Compared to other treats NickerDoodles smell better, taste better and are preferred by my horses.....yes they actually refuse to eat other brands. The folks that make them are super quick and efficient at filling my orders. Great product and great people!

Ron Matthews, 7/1/2021

Just a spoonful of Nickerdoodles helps the meds go down! At last i have a stress-free method of dosing bute to my finicky gelding; I tuck a bolus inside a Nickerdoodle and he gobbles it up.

Kirsten C., 3/15/2021

Great pill pockets! These treats are working out great as pill pockets. They form around a single or many little pills very easily and don't dry out and crumble. The horses love them and I appreciate that they don't contain any soy.

I'd love if eventually there was a version with a hole already in them, to save me from breaking the treat apart and making a spot to hold the pills before I seal it back together. Just a wish list item though.

Nanette Osterhoudt, 2/9/2021

NickerDoodles are the only treat our new horse likes and she loves them. NickerDoodles have helped us to form a bond with our new horse as she starts to sniff us for the treats as soon as she sees us!

Denice Hallstein, 1/26/2021

Fabulous!! These are one of only a few brands of treats that I will feed my horses. Can't beat the wholesome ingredients or the customer service.

Crystal Vineyard, 12/1/2020

Our herd goes crazy over NickerDoodles We have one mare that opens the container every night herself for that yummy goodness. Always consistent, thankful for NickerDoodles! ??

Amber Stancil, 11/24/2020

My horses LOVE these! My order was filled same day and delivered within 5 days.

Debi, 5/25/2020

Snack for Trooper. Trooper runs to the gate when he sees me cause he knows what I have for him.

Beverly Abbott, 5/11/2020

This product is amazing! My horses absolutely love the treats and I love that they're made with healthy ingredients. The bucket arrives very well package. The bucket lid seals tightly to keep the treats fresh. I have purchased these treats many times and I will continue to buy more.

Monica Zippel, 2/27/2020

Best Treats EVER! I ADORE these treats! The five pound pail is the way to go in terms of quantity. Use them to hide meds in and the horses happily take them, use them to help encourage stretching prior to workouts, use them to treat the pickiest of ponies. They are by far my favorite treats, and they are a barn favorite too! Also the reusable container is FABULOUS!!

Laura Brzezynski, 1/5/2020

My horses go crazy for Nickerdoodles'..Nickerdoodles are a barn favorite! They are not only great as a just a standard treat, but I use them as high value treats when I need a distraction, such as when the vet needs to give my suspicious horse a shot, or to use to give medication, as you can squish the pill into the Nickerdoodle.

Lucinda Human, 12/2/2019

These are the best horse treats, highest quality ingredients and the fact that they are soft let's me break it in half if i don't want to feed a whole treat. I love the bucket, it keeps the product fresh and makes it very portable.

Adrienne d Gardner, 6/4/2019

I love these cookies. I use them to give my horse his medication every day. Unlike some of the other soft treats, they stay soft even in January!

Lori Dircks, 6/4/2019